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2023 POTS Breakfast Forum

Our upcoming Breakfast Forum, taking place on December 6 at 8:30 a.m. EST. virtually via Zoom.

This year’s panel will discuss the True Cost of Living measure, how it contrasts with the Official Poverty Measure, and how it can play an important role in advocacy to highlight the complex issues associated with poverty and food insecurity. 

Our distinguished panel will include:

  • Lisa Manzer – Director of the Center for Women’s Welfare – University of Washington
  • Elizabeth Angeles – Vice President of Advocacy – United Way of New York City
  • Christina Hanson – Executive Director – Part of the Solution (POTS).

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Session Summary: 

Accurate measures of household costs are critical for addressing poverty and the root causes of hunger and food insecurity. Attendees of this session will learn about a true cost of living measure that stands in stark contrast to the outdated Official Poverty Measure (OPM) in that it accounts for location, family composition, and all basic costs of living, from healthcare and housing to childcare and food. Produced by the Center for Women’s Welfare at the University of Washington and sponsored by the United Way of NYC, the NYC True Cost of Living is rooted in the methodology used to calculate basic needs in 45 states. Six New York City reports (carrying the name NYC Self-Sufficiency Standard) have been produced since 2000. This report is a valuable advocacy tool to better inform food policies and can be replicated to support municipalities across the nation.

In this session, you will also be able to hear directly from the community of The Bronx, about their experiences dealing with the cost of living in New York City.

We hope you can join us!