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Fordham Prep Students Won Critical Funds for POTS

We are thrilled to recognize the Fordham Preparatory School’s team of Chike Odume ’18, Jonah Shortall ’18, John Tomsen ’18 and Michael Tozzi ’18. These students won first place in the Ignatian Social Justice Tournament and won $20,000 for POTS.

The Ignatian Social Justice Tournament invited students from five Jesuit high schools to present in a support of a social service organization they are involved with. The prize was a generous grant to be received by the organization selected by the winning students. By devising strong arguments and sharing their personal experiences as volunteers, the Fordham Prep team earned the winning prize to support POTS’ efforts in poverty alleviation.

For many years, Fordham Prep students have been an integral part of our community through volunteerism and other varying means of support. We feel incredibly grateful to be recognized by these talented students that have demonstrated a clear understanding of POTS’ mission and values.
Thank you, Chike, Jonah, John and Michael for helping to support our shared community. It is because of people like you that POTS is able to provide for thousands of our neighbors in need.

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