As a Partner

Community Service Partner

POTS cultivates relationships with schools, community organizations and corporations to ensure its support system stays strong. If you are interested in getting your school or workplace involved with POTS, please contact us at

Client Outreach Partner

New relationships allow POTS to create new outreach opportunities and help clients from outside agencies or those who did not know about POTS receive the assistance that they need. POTS outreach partners include famers markets, schools, health and community centers, and local community fairs. If you are interested in having POTS participate in a community education and outreach event, please contact us at

Referral Partnerships

POTS collaborates with a number of other service providers within the Bronx and New York City through formal and informal relationships. These relationships help POTS achieve its goal of providing comprehensive support for the community. Where POTS does not directly provide a needed service, staff link clients with peer organizations to ensure every individual receives the help they need. If you are interested in referring clients to POTS and/or may have services that would benefit POTS’ clients, please reach out to us at

Corporate Partner

POTS enjoys collaborative relationships with many businesses and companies. Each one is tailored to both benefit the POTS community and to meet the corporate social responsibility goals of the partner. This may include a corporate day of service or a fundraising drive or any other program tailored to meet POTS’ and your organization’s needs. To learn more, contact us at