Individual volunteers.

Volunteer today! As a food security volunteer, you will have a direct impact on client’s lives and the community by helping to prepare and serve packaged groceries and hot meals, as well as helping us maintain our facilities.



Coordinate a group service day.

Organize group volunteering with your school, church, workplace, or another entity to have a collective volunteering experience while helping POTS fulfill its mission and commitment to the community.



Internship opportunities.

Join our team – browse and apply for open internship positions within POTS to hone your professional skills and contribute in a variety of specialized fields.



When should I arrive?

8 a.m. for morning shifts, 12 p.m. for afternoon shifts. 2:30 p.m. for maintenance.

What time does volunteering end?

11:30 a.m. for morning shifts, 3:30 p.m. for afternoon shifts. 4 p.m. for maintenance.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You don’t need to bring anything, as we will provide you with the necessary materials. If you would like, feel free to bring your own water bottle, hair covering, apron, or other relevant items.

What do I do once I arrive?

Make sure that you check in at the front desk using the sign-in system on the tablet. Once you have done that, let staff know what you signed up for and that you are ready to serve!

What should I wear?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothes. Be aware of the wear and tear that your clothes could be facing.

For your safety, and in compliance with health code regulations, we ask you not to wear tank tops/sleeveless shirts, crop tops, open-toe shoes, or shorts shorter than knee length.

How do I certify/validate my hours once I have volunteered?

Reach out to our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@potsbronx.org and we can provide you with proof of your hours served.

I signed up to volunteer, but I can’t come. What should I do?

Send an email to the volunteer coordinator at volunteer@potsbronx.org , and mention the day(s) that you’ll be absent. Sign up for more days once you are able to return!