POTS could not accomplish its mission without the time, talent, and labor of thoughtful and caring volunteers. We are grateful to many hundreds of people who grow with our community in the fight against poverty every year.

POTS is making the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for all employees and all volunteers. We have made this decision knowing there is still hesitancy about the vaccine, however we believe this is in the most effective way to protect the health and safety of the POTS community. 

Why has POTS made this decision:  

  • The Bronx is an area of high transmission as the Delta variant continues to spread.  
  • Vaccines have been proven to be effective against the Delta variant. 
  • Vaccines are the best option for minimizing risk of hospitalization and death.  
  • Vaccines are the best option for slowing the spread of Covid and getting us back to normal. 
  • NYC has recommended vaccine requirements for indoor spaces (Key to NYC) to help to minimize the spread of Delta.

All employees, volunteers and clients that are inside the building must still wear a mask. We will continue to follow any guidance from the NYDOH and the CDC regarding any future changes to policy ensuring we prioritize the safety of our community, while continuing to do our best to meet the needs of the community. 

We need volunteers from 8:30am to 3:30pm to help bag produce, move heavy boxes (at least 20 pounds), and help us pack lunch. Hand washing stations are regularly available.

If you would like to volunteer, you can choose a half day shift or a full day shift. We have shifts available Monday through Saturday. 

Fill out a volunteer registration form here if you would like to come in and serve!

Want to come as part of a group? Have any general questions or concerns? Please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Ashley Caban at