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Partner Spotlight: Sisters of Charity


This month POTS is proud to profile the Sisters of Charity of New York, influential leaders in our history. Even before POTS’ formal inception, the Sisters of Charity have been instrumental in developing and living out the values that guide POTS today. Throughout POTS’ history the Sisters of Charity have had a great impact in developing POTS’ programs and services.

POTS Founders, Reverend Ned Murphy, SJ, Timothy Boon, and Sr. Jane Iannucelli, SC, (now President of the Sisters of Charity) collaborated with the wider Sisters of Charity community to regularly provide New Yorkers in poverty with access to warm and hearty meals. Through direct interactions with those seeking help, the need became clear for a safe and hospitable place for these individuals to feel comfortable sharing their stories, communicating their needs, and finding relief.

POTS became a reality in a simple storefront on Fordham Road, fulfilling the vision of the founders. The Sisters of Charity rallied their networks to obtain donations to furnish, stock, and maintain the dining room. They helped secured sinks, a stove, refrigerator, chairs, and food. A community of supporters and volunteers flooded in as the Sisters of Charity worked passionately to spread awareness about POTS.

The Sisters of Charity continue to play a role in guiding the mission of POTS. Five of their members, Sr. Kathleen Byrnes, Sr. Ann Citarella, Sr. Karen Helfenstein, and Sr. Elizabeth Judge, and Sr. Jane Iannucelli (Ex-Officio) serve on the POTS Board of Directors. They also remain dedicated volunteers, supporters, and ambassadors for the organization. Thank you, Sisters of Charity, for helping to build POTS into a loving community in the Bronx that nourishes the basic needs and hunger of all who come to its door, and for your generous and prayerful support, which makes the expansion and refinement of POTS services possible.

Learn more about Sisters of Charity’s impact on POTS, click here to view their video.


From left standing: Sisters Eileen McGrory, Dominica Rocchio, and Jane Iannucelli. Seated from left: Sisters Ann Citarella and Karen Helfenstein. Photo taken at POTS.