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POTS – NYC Marathon Team

Join POTS Jr Board for the NYC Marathon Kick-off Event!

 Nov 2, 🕒 6 – 9:00PM ET 
📍 Pianos NYC 
🎶Live Band, Food, Drinks!

You can support our board members and make a difference! 

Part of the Solution (POTS) is excited to participate as a Charity Partner for the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon. Six dedicated POTS supporters will be running to raise critical funds for our neighbors in need. Each runner has pledged to raise a minimum of $2,500.

Meet our 2023 Marathon Runners Below and help them achieve their goal!

Questions may be directed to development@potsbronx.org.

I love running – it’s hard to sit still.  Running serves as a great mental reset, helping to clear my mind.  The running community’s unwavering support and encouragement are truly uplifting.  I embrace the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone, and even though I’ve never run more than 15 miles, I’m determined to push myself further.  Raising awareness and funds for POTS, enabling it to continue its valuable work within the community, is a cause close to my heart.  And, of course, I eagerly anticipate indulging in a well-deserved Sunday feast after completing the run! 

Born in Hong Kong, raised in New York and California- sports have always been a big part of who I am. I have found running is a great way to stay competitive and do something greater than myself. I am honored to be running the NYC Marathon for POTS, an incredible way to raise awareness and give back to our local NY community. My inspiration in this is my mother, who passed last year from Colon Cancer, her strength and fight continues to inspire me each and every day. She always taught us to do good and give back! I am so inspired by the work that POTS does and looking forward to an amazing race! It will move you!  

I am a long-time runner (first time marathoner) and have dreamed of running the NYC marathon for years – most frequently when standing in Central Park watching friends and fellow New Yorkers triumphantly stride through the final miles of the race in years past. I picked up running again during the pandemic – around the same time I got involved with POTS as a volunteer and member of the junior board. While I didn’t expect to finally run the marathon as a former NYC resident – I am beyond excited to return to the city this fall and run in support of this incredible organization that represents the very best of New York City and the Bronx community. Plus – the hills of San Francisco are the perfect training grounds for the 59th St Bridge! 

As a New Yorker and longtime POTS volunteer, I am thrilled to be running my first marathon for POTS, here in NYC. It is an honor to be part of the inaugural POTS New York Marathon team! I am hopeful that this tradition lives on in an impactful way so that we can continue to raise funds/awareness for POTS, grow our team, and become an integral part of a cherished NYC tradition. Go team POTS!

As a long-time and avid runner, I am overjoyed to be participating in the NYC Marathon this year in conjunction with Part of the Solution and fellow runners. After running marathons in the past, this race will be particularly special because of the constant energy that the city brings, the unity of the 5 runners, and, of course, raising awareness and funds for this amazing organization

Running the NYC Marathon for Part of the Solution is an incredible honor! From morning runs in Van Cortlandt Park, the Botanical Gardens and the Fordham neighborhood, I have had the opportunity to train in the exact areas that POTS serves. This, combined with seeing the direct impact this organization has on the community has made our partnership with the TSC NYC Marathon a significant step forward for the junior board.  By taking part in this race, I have the great opportunity to combine my passion for running and serving POTS. Through fundraising and raising awareness of this incredible organization, I could not think of a better way to honor the hard work that many people take part in to serve the Bronx community.