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POTS’ Volunteer Week survey responses

Thanks to all that completed POTS’ Volunteer Week survey. Below are some highlights from the responses we received.

How to you first find/learn about POTS?

“A friend told me about POTS in 1984.”

“Through my pastor.”

“I first learned about POTS at Fordham University from both Campus Ministry and the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice.”

With all the opportunities to volunteer around the city, how to did you choose POTS?

“Convenience, ability to choose from wide variety of dates.”

“POTS was there for me at the roughest times in my life, and some.”

“POTS is important to me because of the impact it has in our community in the Bronx.”

What is your favorite memory volunteering at POTS?

“The consumers are so happy to get a meal and a friendly greeting.”

“Volunteering. I didn’t give enough. As much as they gave me. But the little I did was an eye opening. Feeding the hungry people. Just interacting with them was enough joy for me.”

“Helping families apply for SNAP is especially poignant to me because I feel their love and care for one another. “

Which programs have you volunteered in and why?

“Dining Room and Food Pantry as they fit my schedule.”

“Serving lunch and putting the school bags together for the children.”

“I volunteer in Case Management. I was excited to help because SNAP has many critics, but I wanted to be an advocate for the people who come to POTS every day who benefit from the program.”

What responsibilities have you had as a volunteer?

“Preparing the school bags with the family club and seeing the joy on not only the children’s faces, the parents’ faces too. And feeding the people that came to eat lunch. Just interacting with them was a joy too.”

“Plating the food, serving, washing in the dining room. In the pantry – stocking the shelves.”

“I screen clients for the documents needed to apply or reapply for SNAP.”

Is there anything else you would like to share?

“POTS is an awesome place, if only we can have poetry, open mic or some kind of uplifting to the soul night or day would be nice.”

“Volunteering is very rewarding and its benefits last a lifetime.”